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HDPE Uni-axial Geogrid

HDPE Uni Axial Geogrid is a massive sheet with long gaps made of high-density Polyethylene and is used as a reinforcement for modular block wall, natural ground wall, slope and bridge abutment.

The main characteristic from this material is its ability to resist landslide very well with low tension and high tensile strength under a constant weight condition.


  • Stable Strength For Long-Term Pressure
  • High Tensile Strength At Low Strain Due To Displacement Propagation
  • Strength In Every Frame And Joint Because of Solid HDPE Materials
  • Connection Strength Against Torsional Load
  • Anti Mechanical Failure During Installation


  • Slope Reinforcement
  • Walls / Abutments Reinforcement
  • Embankment Reinforcement
  • Landfill Reinforcement