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Non Woven Geotextile

NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE  offers a wide range of geotextile functions for soil separation, filtration and protection. This geotextile is a cost effective solution as it can improve modern construction durability in a variety of civil engineering applications..

NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE made of Polyester or Polypropylene staple fibre with excellent hydraulic and separation properties.


  • Economic
  • Reduce Thickness of Landfill
  • Enhance Drainage and Filtration Functions
  • Enhance Stability and Land Support
  • Resistant to UV, Chemical Substances and Micro Organism


  • Separation Between Soil Layers
  • Separation Between Road Base and Soft Ground
  • Prevent Mixing Soil and Aggregate Rock
  • Vertical and Horizontal Drainage
  • Filtration