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Asphalt Reinforcement

Asphalt Reinforcement function is for the crack in the asphalt layer due to the traffic load.

Application: highway, airport, etc.

Product : Asphalt Reinforcement

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Asphalt Reinforcement

ASPHALT REINFORCEMENT are made of high modulus polyester and coated with bitumen to achieve good bonding with the asphalt. One side has a nonwoven ultra-lightweight, also coated with bitumen. This simplifies installation and the non woven ensure continuous bonding between layers.

Strong ties allows ASPHALT REINFORCEMENT tensile strength to accept and distribute it evenly across large areas. Therefore, ASPHALT REINFORCEMENT is an effective method to prevent cracking in the asphalt layer.


Asphalt Reinforcement

ASPHALT REINFORCEMENT terbuat dari polyester bermodulus tinggi dan dilapisi dengan bitumen untuk mencapai ikatan yang baik dengan aspal. Satu sisi memiliki nonwoven ultra-ringan, juga dilapisi dengan bitumen. Nonwoven ini menyederhanakan instalasi dan memastikan ikatan yang menerus antar lapisan.

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