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In the installation of geo-liner, it is required to apply protector material in order to prevent the liner to be torn by any sharp material below it. For that reason a protection material is needed.

Applications : In the installation of geo-liner on the ground, in the tunnel, in the sub-grade construction, etc.

Product : Non Woven Geotextile

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Non Woven Geotextile

NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE  offers a wide range of geotextile functions for soil separation, filtration and protection. This geotextile is a cost effective solution as it can improve modern construction durability in a variety of civil engineering applications..

NON WOVEN GEOTEXTILE made of Polyester or Polypropylene staple fibre with excellent hydraulic and separation properties.


Non Woven Geotextile

NONWOVEN GEOTEXTILE menawarkan fungsi untuk separasi lahan filtrasi dan proteksi. Geotextile ini merupakan solusi bernilai ekonomis karena dapat meningkatkan daya tahan konstruksi modern di dalam berbagai variasi aplikasi teknik sipil.
NONWOVEN GEOTEXTILE terdiri dari serat polyester atau polypropylene dengan kemampuan hidrolik dan separasi yang sempurna.


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