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PET Woven Geotextile

PET WOVEN GEOTEXTILE entwined in the longitudinal direction (warp) of polyester and in a transverse direction (weft) from polyamide or polyester. The use of high-modulus multifilament polyester yarn and a special patented process of matting (warp straight).

PET WOVEN GEOTEXTILE it serves to reinforce the structure of the soil. In addition, it can be used to make the slope of a steep slope, thus reducing the land area.

PET WOVEN GEOTEXTILE made in 10 strong tensile strength with versions reaching 1000 kN/m, a higher strength or customize can be produced on demand.

  • Tensile Strength up to 1000 kN/m
  • Resistant to UV, chemical substances and Micro-Organisms

  • Retaining soil cover over soft soil
  • Steep Slope Construction
  • Stabilization of the river, breakwater, jetty, and groyne

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