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PET Bi-axial Geogrid

PET Bi-Axial Geogrid is a Polyester sheet (PET), in the form of a square, which acts as a reinforcement for soft ground layer. The obvious characteristic of  PET Bi Axial Geogrid is its perfect mechanical behaviour under temporary high pressure condition. The PET Bi Axial Geogrid strength is the same for its two directions ( parallel and transverse ). When the materials of granulated stones are compacted into the gaps of BI-AXIAL, a locking effect will occur.

This grid power can tolerate a weight on a low tension, which, in the end, is a cost-effective solution for highway design. Although the granulated material will reduce around 40%, this material will not lose its technical ability.

  • Stable Strength For Long-Term Pressure
  • High Tensile Strength At Low Strain Due To Displacement Propagation
  • Maximum Effect of Aggregate Locking
  • Connection Strength Against Torsional Load
  • Anti Mechanical Failure During Installation

  • Land Stabilization
  • Reinforcement on Soft Soil Foundation
  • Roads, Railways, Airport Runways
  • Temporary Roads and Unpaved Roads
  • Sport Grounds / Tracks

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